Monday, January 19, 2015

Tonly Moly Product Reviews

TonlyMoly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream

I love the smell of the appletox, it really does smell like Granny Smith apple! And it was pretty much love at first sight when I saw the adorable packaging! I was a bit worried about how to use the product as the instructions were in Korean.  But after researching instructions online I decided to apply the a product by massaging it on my dry face for about 2- 3 min.  After massaging it on my face small particles starting coming off.  The product advertises that this is dead skin cells coming off in the product.  It was hard to tell if this was actually happening or if it was just the product coming off. My face felt a bit tingly and super smooth afterward.  I liked that this product did not seem to be overly drying, but it did seem effective. I will probably use this product about once a week.  As for repurchasing this product, I am not quite convinced that I will since I tend to prefer a granular exfoliating product.

I would give this product:

10/10 - Packaging
4/10 - Effectiveness
6/10 - Pleasantness to use

Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask

I was a bit wary of the tomatox mask because of the claims for the " whitening effect".  The smell and texture of the product is great. I also loved that it came with a spoon to apply the product as that is more sanitary than scooping it out with your fingers. The product felt tingly when I applied it to my face.  Red spots on my face did appear to be slightly faded, but not as much as I hoped.  However my skin did feel clean and smooth after using this product.  I feel that this product may be a bit harsh and did not have a super helpful effect that is unique to this product alone.  I don't think I will repurchase this product, but I am willing to give it another go.  
I would give this product a:
10/10 - Packaging
5/10 -  Effectiveness
7/10 - Pleasantness to use
Tony Moly Eggpore Blackhead Out Oil Gel

Once again the packaging for this product is absolutely adorable. I was really excited to try out a different product for clogged pores other than the classic nose strips.  The gel smells great and has tiny yellow beads.  The product claims that the gel turns white as you massage it and it mixes with the sebum in your pores. I did find this product to be effective for blackheads and clogged pores.  I used this product on my nose, chin, and between my eyebrows. I definitely noticed a difference and I really liked that the product did not seem too harsh and it left my pores clearer and my skin smooth.

I would give this product:

10/10 packaging
8/10 effectiveness
10/10 for pleasantness to use 

Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hand Cream  

I have saved the best for last! My absolute favorite Tony Moly product is the peach hand cream. It smells absolutely heavenly and just like a sweet and ripe summer peach. My friend introduced me to the Tony Moly product line by recommending this particular moisturizer. I truly see a noticeable difference after using this hand cream consistently.  My hands are smoother, softer, and my nails and cuticles are healthier.  I have already gone through one whole tub and I am on my second purchase of this product. My only complaint... I wish they sold this product in bulk!

10/10 packaging
10/10 effectiveness
10/10 pleasantness to use

All products were either gifts or purchased by author. All opinions are genuinely my own! Thank you for reading!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Seven Things I Learned About: Skiing!

Over the Christmas holiday I had the opportunity to travel to Keystone Resort in Colorado and learn how to ski for the very first time! Keystone was absolutely beautiful with the snow covered mountains surrounding the resort. I am so very thankful to the amazing people who taught me how to ski with incredible, unending patience.  I am still very much a beginner, but I hope the seven things I learned help some beginner skiers and bring a chuckle or smile to pro skiers.

1. Get gear that fits you properly and learn how to carry you skis and poles so that you will not knock anyone out while carrying them! I also highly recommend wearing a helmet!

2. Snow plow is your absolute best friend.  Remember that the wider the pizza shape you make with your skis, more power you will have for breaking. 

3. Snow-plowing down the entire mountain is quite the work-out and exhausting.  I had to snow-plow for several runs before I felt comfortable bringing my skis a little more together and going a bit faster! And oh goodness was I sore the next day!

4. Get the first fall over with!  After you fall once, you are less scared of falling again... which will definitely happen.  That being said, learn how to get back up by standing with you skis perpendicular to the mountain and lean into the mountain side, which will make standing up so much easier.  By the end of the trip I was a pro at standing back up after falling down (I had lots of opportunities to practice!)

5.  You have the right of way on the mountain when you are in front.  It is the responsibility of skiers and snow-boarders behind you to maneuver around you safely. 

6.  It's okay to take breaks! The schoolmarm trail was 3.5 miles long and when I was just starting out I needed quite a few breaks and that is okay! It is all about your experience, it is not a competition with the other skiers and snow-boarders.  Some of the best photos I took were when I needed a few seconds to rest my legs.

7. Don't let fear hold you back.  Overcoming your fears and anxiety can be an amazingly empowering experience.  The day I challenged my fears of going too fast, falling, or skiing right off the mountain, I had the most amazing time and I actually skied my best!  

I am looking forward to the next ski trip and hopefully my learning curve will be a bit quicker next time!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Seven Things I learned from: Gilmore Girls

1. Your family can be your best friends and your best friend is like your family!

2. Every relationship is an opportunity to learn about yourself.

3. Important staples of a Gilmore Girl's balanced diet are Pop Tarts and Coffee, lots of coffee.

4. Pro/Con Lists are an excellent way to make important life decisions.

5. Books are an excellent way to learn about yourself and the world around you.

6.  When in doubt use big words or just keep talking... This is definitely a good tip for awkward social situation. 

7. Never give up on your dreams, but don't be afraid to be open to new possibilities (Like Rory going to Yale instead of Harvard!)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Exploring Boston Common, the Public Garden, and the North End!

I had a whole day to explore Boston so I decided to take a trip down to Boston Common and the Public Garden.  They are two gardens right next to each other, but they were built two centuries apart.  The Boston Common as built in 1634 and is considered to be America's first public park. I absolutely loved the carousel and how the park was surrounded by the city. The Boston Public Garden was built in 1837 and my favorite park was the beautiful pond, home to lovely swans.

I got a little bit lost on my way to the North End, but I knew I was in the right place when I overheard many locals speaking Italian! The North End is probably my favorite part about Boston, with the gorgeous architecture and of course the cannoli from Mike's Pastry!

Boston Common

Boston Public Garden Pond

Boston Public Garden

Mike's Pastry 


Harvard University: Fall 2014

 I had the amazing opportunity to explore Harvard during Fall 2014 Freshman move-in! I pretended I was an incoming freshman and signed up for a tour group.  I even got to see inside Memorial Hall, the Freshman-only dining hall that looks very similar to the Great Hall in Hogwarts Castle! I met my sister for lunch right outside of Harvard Yard at a farmers market and got to try Union Square Donuts ( seriously the best donuts in the world, and I am not even a big fan of donuts! 
Harvard Yard
Union Square Donuts

Memorial Hall
I fell in love with Harvard and felt so attached to the university after joining in on Freshman orientation that I bought a Harvard T-shirt as a souvenir.

Friday, August 29, 2014

From LA to Boston

I am off to visit my sister in the Boston area! I have only ever visited Boston in the winter when I pretty much freeze two seconds after stepping outside. Boston is a beautiful city to walk around in so I am very excited about being able to actually walk around outside in lovely weather... no coat required!

Pretty much everything in Boston is historical. I am afraid to sneeze here because I will most likely sneeze on some famous building or corner where something very important happened in U.S. History!

There are so many beautiful and historical houses in Cambridge!

I am excited to document my Cambridge and Boston adventures! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Harvest

One of my favorite parts of summertime is the delicious fruit and vegetables! My parents have a beautiful garden in my childhood backyard that is always full of plump red tomatoes, basil, lettuce, strawberries, and a rainbow of flowers.  Farmers markets are also an amazing part of summer because they support local businesses and you go home with yummy fresh food for usually a very good deal!

Farmers markets are a great opportunity for photography because of all the vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables.  They are also an amazing opportunity to people watch, discover new flavors, and enjoy a bright summer afternoon. 

 Happy Summer Time!