Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Harvest

One of my favorite parts of summertime is the delicious fruit and vegetables! My parents have a beautiful garden in my childhood backyard that is always full of plump red tomatoes, basil, lettuce, strawberries, and a rainbow of flowers.  Farmers markets are also an amazing part of summer because they support local businesses and you go home with yummy fresh food for usually a very good deal!

Farmers markets are a great opportunity for photography because of all the vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables.  They are also an amazing opportunity to people watch, discover new flavors, and enjoy a bright summer afternoon. 

 Happy Summer Time! 


  1. Wow! Those blueberries look so delicious...
    What kind of camera do you use to take your photos?

    1. Thank you so much! I use a canon rebel EOS T5 to take my photos. Thank you for checking out my blog!


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