Sunday, November 3, 2013

IPSY October 2013 Glam Bag Review

I really liked October's IPSY Glam Bag.  The theme of this bag is "The Art of Beauty".  One's face is a canvas and make up is the paint and brushes are the artist's tools.

This was the first bag I received in a while where I liked every product.  However, I did not really understand the saying on this month's make-up bag. These are the products that were included in my glam bag:

1. Zoya green nail polish

 I love that the nail polish is free of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor.  These are harsh chemicals that cannot be good to use or breath in.  For example, dibutyl phthlate is used in making flexible plastics and toluene is a toxic substance that is often found in paint thinners and breathing it in causes harm to the cardiovascular and neurological system.

2. Nourish Organic- Coconut & Argan Body Lotion

The body lotion feels great, but it does have a strong smell. I think it smells more like argan than coconut.

3. Bare Escentuals- Buxom Lips

I have never been a big fan of lip gloss since it is often very sticky, but I do like the Buxom Lips gloss.  It gives a nice shine and a touch of color.  The gloss is supposed feel tingly and to plump up the lips. I definitely notice the tingly feeling, but the plumping is not as obvious. 

4. La Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipes

These wipes smelled great, like pineapple! Yum! And I love that they are 99.25% natural.  They did a great job removing my makeup.  I would definitely repurchase these and they would be perfect for traveling.

5. Big Sexy Hair- Blow Dry Volumizing Gel

My hair is naturally pretty voluminous, but I did notice that this gel provided extra volume when I applied it, especially around the roots. 

While make-up can make one feel beautiful and more confident it is also important to value what is on the inside:  The art of being compassionate, brave, a good listener, generous, among many others.