Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wonderful World of Weird Words

Today I thought I would post a vocabulary lesson of some of my favorite unique and obscure words!

Absquatulate- verb. To leave in a hurry, suddenly, or in secret.  To abscond.
Example: The thief absquatulated with the gold and precious jewels in hand.

Panshard- noun. A passion, a rage.
Example: You have no need to get into a panshard!

Clinomania- noun. Excessive desire to stay in bed.
Example: As spring semester begins, more graduate students are reporting cases of clinomania, especially on rainy and snowy days. 

Ramjollock- verb. To shuffle cards.
Example: Before beginning the game, the dealer must ramjollock the cards. 

Cepaceous- adjective. Like an onion, as in odor.
Example: Unfortunately the air in the room had a distinct cepaceous quality to it. 

Animadvert- verb. To make a strong, critical comment
Example: He was never one to sugar coat things, but always animadverts when he handed his employees back their reports.

Photo by: http://blindmanphoto.deviantart.com/

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